ISO 55001 Varlık Yönetimi

    Asset Management System and Certification

    Rapidly growing population in the world, increasing needs depending on technological developments, make it possible to have assets in the most appropriate way and to use the assets more efficiently.

    This basic need led to Asset Management and the development of methods and techniques to be applied to each sector.

    Modern Asset Management has been used in the world of Finance for more than 100 years. Since 1980s, Asset Management System has been implemented by institutions and organizations to generate maximum value from their physical assets. With the rapidly developing technology, complex structures, the needs in the integrated and efficient management of assets and the developments in the information infrastructure that can manage these needs, very important gains are obtained as a result of the emergence and application of Modern Asset Management in countries such as England, America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Owned assets are managed with optimum risk, maximum benefit and optimum cost balance.

    Certification is carried out within the framework of ISO 55000 Series Standards, one of the most up-to-date and important sources in Asset Management.

    With this model created considering the examples in the world

    • Asset-based holistic approach,
    • Increasing the added value of assets,
    • Effective management of risks and opportunities,
    • Active and efficient maintenance and repair,
    • Preventive action with a proactive approach,
    • Optimum life cycle management of assets,
    • Cost risk and performance optimization,
    • Continuous improvement,
    • Being current with change management,
    • Operating costs are minimized.

    Asset Management is defined by ISO 55000 as “coordinated activities initiated by an organization to accrue value from assets”. The definition is expressed quite simply, but each organization applies Asset Management at a different level. Basically, every company that follows its operations related to its assets in writing to create value performs Asset Management at one level, but companies that have reached a high level of maturity make decisions by evaluating all kinds of internal and external information about their assets within the framework of corporate, sectoral and scientific developments.

    Some of the benefits of Asset Management are as follows;

    • It offers a holistic approach based on assets, thus;
      • Strategy & activity harmony is ensured,
      • Optimum cost & benefit balance is provided,
      • Awareness of corporate powers and responsibilities reaches higher levels.
    • Systemizes change management so that;
      • Institutional consistency is ensured in change management,
      • Transparency is possible in decision making,
      • More efficient resource management is provided with the right investments.
    • Helps manage risks and opportunities so that;
      • Risk-centered thinking is adopted by the organization,
      • It is possible to evaluate the opportunities effectively and on time,
      • With the preventive approach, risks can be eliminated before they arise.
    • With optimization of the life cycle;
      • Total operating cost reduction,
      • Improvement in business performances and
      • Effective and efficient maintenance and repair planning is done.

    Some of the Organizations Implementing the Asset Management System in the World

    • NATIONAL GRID – England;

    It distributes electricity and gas in the UK.


    It is the company that distributes electricity to Mumbai.

    • HONG KONG MTR – China

    In the Hong Kong subway, which carried 5.5 million passengers daily, a 35% reduction in total problems occurred.

    • SCOTTİSH WATER – Scotland;

    It provides 1.3 million liters of drinking water per day to Scotland and disposs of 840 million liters of waste water.

    From Turkey

    • İGDAŞ A.Ş.


    As a result of the audit conducted by ICAS, it has been awarded ISO 55001 “Asset Management Certificate”.

    It has increased its reputation towards EMRA and similar institutions that it is responsible for.

    It saved money by using its assets better and more efficiently.

    ICAS was accredited by the American Accreditation Foundation (UAF) on 22.03.2019.

    ICAS is the first and only accredited organization in Turkey for ISO 55001 Asset Management System.