Elektiriksel Ölçümler

    Grounding Measurement

    It is the connection of non-voltage parts to the ground with a conductor in order to avoid risking human life and devices in case of any electrical leakage in the devices used in electrical facilities such as grounding, home, workplace. The leakage current that may occur in the devices is given to the ground through the ground line with less resistance.

    Within the scope of grounding measurement activity, grounding installation resistance values are measured in facilities such as Authorized Services, Supply Stations, Factory and leakage current relay tests are performed.

    Lightning Rod Inspection

    In the facilities such as supply stations, high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, minarets, transformer facilities, stadiums, bridges, airports, the current caused by electric discharge from the lightning is given to the ground through the conductor in the lightning rod installation.

    Lightning rod inspection activity is measured in accordance with TS EN 62305-1, TS EN 62305-3 standards and the lightning rod installation efficiency is measured and reported.

    Cathodic Protection Inspection

    Metals are corroded when in contact with water or air. This is especially a risk for metal pipes and tanks located under water and soil. In order to prevent metal corrosion, a more active metal is touched to the metal to be protected from the outside, it is protected by applying current from the outside or by connecting a galvanic battery. Within the scope of Cathodic Protection activity, the operation of the cathodic protection system of LPG tanks at Supply Stations is tested and reported in accordance with TS 5141 EN 12954 standards.