Quantity Determination by Ullage Survey Method

    It is a method used for ships loaded with liquids to find the weight of the load carried by the ship with the help of several static calculations made on the ship.

    Quantity Determination by Draft Survey Inspection Method

    In draft survey, in import or export, it is accepted by the customs of many countries, which are used to find the weight of the watercraft with the help of a number of static calculations, based on the principle of buoyancy, in the loading and / or unloading of commercial goods carried by sea vehicles. is the weighing method. Tolerance; The margin of error up to 0.3% (compared to land scale) is an acceptable amount. Similar results can be calculated with Land Weigher if it is done under the right conditions with the right documents.

    Our expert surveyors work in accordance with international directives when calculating the weight of the load. We are currently providing this service in 5 different ports in our country.

    The following services are provided before, after or during loading / unloading of ships;

    • Quantity determination with Draft Survey method
    • Quantity determination with Ullage Survey method
    • Full surveillance service during loading*
    • Full surveillance service during unloading *
    • Sampling service during loading or unloading surveillance *
    • Visual damage assessment service during loading or unloading surveillance *
    • Tally Survey service *


    Note: Work items indicated with * are given outside the scope of accreditation.