Representation of the INTERSERT Conformity Assessment Services Inc. to the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the most authoritative certification body in the field of assessing the adequacy of the country’s quality infrastructure. INTERSERT performs its activities in an appropriate way with accreditation rules, national and international standards and based on customer satisfaction and prestige. With regards all these, improving the qualification of our staff and quality infrastructure and raising servicing capability is between the fundamentals of our quality policy.

    INTERSERT- Work around the world and across the industry to make your work faster, easier and more efficient. INTERSERT operates independently and impartially, creating a system of continuous quality service that helps reduce risks and facilitate the process.

    Activities carried out by Intersert;

    • Product certification including Azerbaijan national imperatives,
    • System certification on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and ISO 45001,
    • Inspection surveillance services,
    • Calibration and verification,
    • Halal Certification issues

    are included.

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    ICAS has carried out a joint venture, named INTERTEHTEST S.R.L, with a local partner on 06.10.2017 in order to evaluate the opportunities in the conformity assessment sector in Moldova.

    Test and Calibration services are provided under the roof of Intertehtest SRL; Then, It has new projects on system certification and halal certification.

    Within the scope of these objectives, Accreditation studies were started in the field of system management certification; INTERTEHTEST S.R.L was accredited in 2019 by National Accreditation Body of Moldova (MOLDAC) as a management system certification body on ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Management Standard and ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety System Management Standard.

    Also, they serve as a solution partner in Halal certification studies carried out in Moldova under the ICAS halal certification system.

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    CT SIC

    The privatization tender for “Technical Centre for Industrial Safety and Certification (CTSIC)”, established in 1996 by the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of the Moldova Government, was won by Intertehtest SRL; As of 21 March 2018, The relevant Ministry has confirmed that the tender has been won by Intertehtest SRL, subsidiary of ICAS.

    After the tender, Intertehtest SRL has become the sole authorized conformity assessment company in the country for elevator inspection, laboratory, periodical inspection and some staff certification activities.

    The sub-sections of the CT SIC company are as follows;

    • The Industrial Safety Supervision Department,
    • Certification Department,
      • Product Certification
      • System Certification
    • Laboratories,
      • Scientific Research, Reagents and Petroleum Products Laboratory
      • Nondestructive Testing and Diagnostic Laboratory
    • Personnel Certification Department

    İTBAK Construction Technical Evaluation Research and Certification Inc.; It was established on 02.08.2007 as a company with 100% subsidiary of YAD (Building Research Association) under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey.

    İTBAK has decided on the title of Construction Technical and Scientific Research Board Economic Enterprise with the decision of the Board of Directors in January 2014.In January 2019, it was decided to transfer the YAD Board of Directors to a new joint-stock company. After this decision, the transfer of the organization to ICAS was completed in June.

    ITBAK provides service in order to offer the product or system that is not subject to CE or G standards to the market.The innovative product, which will be evaluated by independent laboratories and technical experts, and whose scientific superiority will be proved, can be launched in the country by obtaining the NATIONAL TECHNICAL APPROVAL (UTO) certificate. It can be launched in the European Union countries by obtaining the EUROPEAN TECHNICAL EVALUATION (ETA) certificate.

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