T. C. The Ministry of ECONOMY has been found to have the conditions stipulated in the Communiqué on the Status of the International Surveillance Company by the General Directorate of Product Safety and Inspection 2015/24, and the status of “Type B International Surveillance Company” was given on 09.02.2016.

    As a result of the scope of ISO 17020 acretidation, T.C. “Type A International Surveillance Company” status was given by the Ministry of Trade General Directorate of Product Safety and Inspection on 11.02.2019.

    ICAS has been accredited by the TURKISH ACCREDITATION AGENCY (TÜRKAK) on 09.11.2017 as Type A Inspection Body in the following scopes:

    • Electrical Measurement and Evaluations
    • Hygiene and Sanitation Inspection
    • Draft / Ullage Survey


    As a result of audits with UAF auditors in January 2019, ICAS was accredited by the American Accreditation Foundation (UAF) on 22.03.2019.

    ICAS is the first and only accredited organization in Turkey for ISO 55001 Asset Management System.


    The Maritime Surveillance Surveillance Services Regulation, which came into force by being published on 19.10.2019, regulates the procedures and principles regarding the execution of all kinds of surveillance services required by maritime trade, and the authorization and supervision of legal persons who will provide surveillance services. Businesses that will provide maritime surveillance service within the scope of the regulation must obtain maritime surveillance operation authorization certificate from the General Directorate of Maritime Trade.

    The authorization certificate received by ICAS from the General Directorate of Maritime Trade is valid until 16.10.2022.

    In the context of vested rights, the maritime surveillance operation authorization certificates and hazardous substance surveillance service compliance documents issued before the publication of the Regulation remain valid until the end of the period specified on the document.

    ICAS has successfully passed all inspections of  Halal Accreditation Agency (HAK), which processes and evaluates Halal Accreditation applications of conformity assessment organizations that perform at Turkey and abroad within the framework of internationally accepted standards.

    Thus, ICAS became the second organization that received the Halal Accreditation Certificate by HAK after Turkish Standard Institute (TSE).

    HAK akreditasyon