ICAS (INTERNATIONAL CONFORMITY ASSESMENT SERVICE INC.), was founded by joint efforts of Turkish Standards Instutition (TSE) and Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on 23.12.2014.

    The core idea behind the foundation of ICAS is representing TSE at international market and adding value on its competitive position around the World.

    The headquarter is in Istanbul but the aim is to be active especially in Middle-East and Turkish Republics in the near future firstly. In addition, ICAS aims to cooperate with local and regional certification bodies to diverse its services such as certification, third party audits and inspections, test and labrotary services, calibration and training.

    Intention of the ICAS is supporting its services to the providers and to the producers to ensure their products to be found reliable and in quality in the market.  To be one of the leading authorities in conformity assessment area by taking care of servicing in a trustable and impartial way is the basic principal of ICAS.

    In this direction ICAS performs its activities in an appopriate way with accreditation rules, national and international standards and based on customer satisfaction and prestige.With regards all these, improving the qualification of our staff and quality infrastructure and raising servicing capability is between the fundamentals of our quality policy

    ICAS continues its activities in Turkey and abroad with 4 subsidiaries, 3 of which are foreign.

    Activities carried out by ICAS;

    • Local and International Cooperation Activities
    • Accreditation and Authority Studies
    • Inspection and Surveillance Activities
    • System Certification
    • Training

    Mission - Vision

    Adding Value to our quality with sustainable, impartial and reliable services
    To be one of the main forces in the market by employing competitive experts and establishing international collaboration
    Quality Policy

    Quality Policy of ICAS, which is based on the principle of “Conformity for trust “ is for the purpose of becoming a global brand in the field of conformity assessment; ...